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What Sets You Apart

Our LED Mobile Billboard not only excels in building brand awareness and recognition but also serves as an entertainment feature in its own right. With vibrant digital screens, it's a dynamic addition to both daytime and evening events, making it a standout choice for your brand's visibility. Check out our event requirements before booking with us.


Shark Ads Marketing excels in providing innovative marketing solutions for a wide array of events and driving engagement

Outdoor - Movies, Entertainment, Excercise

Church Events - Live Sermons, Sharing the Word

Promote - your product(s)or service(s) outdoor.

Surprise - Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Retirement, Etc...

Weddings. Engagements, Proposals

Business - Conventions, Business Proposals, Festivals. Concerts, Sporting Events, Grand Openning

Funerals, Memorials

Anything you can imaging

Explore Event Options

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