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Five ways to create synergy in the workplace

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Every effort is needed to create synergy in the workplace. Synergy is the art of working together or collaborating as a whole unit. Together we stand but divided we fall. Signs of lack of synergy are in-fightings, cliquishness, lack of communication, resentment, withholding of information and ideas, apathy, lower levels of productivity, and the silo effect.

Below are some ways to create synergy in the workplace.

1. Good Leadership

Any team is as strong as the leader. Its the leader's responsibility to list out the objectives and set the tone for the rest of the team to follow. The great news is if you are the problem, then you can become the solution.

2. Effective Communication

The lack of understanding of anything is frustrating to the person receiving information. List out the task at hand and use empathic listening skills to evaluate if the receiver has understood what was said. The most important part of communicating is speaking with and not to your co-workers.

3. Individuality

In the workplace, we need to have people with different perspectives. Everyone will not agree on issues, processes, or viewpoints. The strength of the team lies in bringing the best of themselves to the table to reach common goals and visions.

4. Clear Expectation

Clarity is key to achieving any endeavor. Be clear on the vision and the tasks to reach the desired goal(s). Be very clear and realistic in setting goals.

5. Role Assignment

Properly assigning roles to team members will prevent redundancy and a lack of productivity among team members. However, role assignment drives productivity and strengthens the team because everyone plays a part in achieving the goal(s).

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